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Late October last year I began a residency programme at the Liaison of Independent Film Makers of Toronto LIFT. The resulting film No Mean City is screening this September at the Irish Film Institute, Dublin as part of their newly branded and enlarged Documentary Festival.

Screening details are as follows:
Saturday 26th Sept 5PM ~ Reality Bites and Documentary Shorts Programme.
For more information or to book tickets please click here.

A dystopian vision of architecture and loss set in Scarborough, Toronto, No Mean City takes us to the core of our relationships with monuments and landmarks – our physical anchors.

The Guild Park in Scarborough, Toronto became the backdrop to my research of the evolution, of a young city. Remnants from Toronto’s buildings that were being demolished during the early and middle years of the last century were rescued by the Guild’s owners, the Clarks, and scattered around The Guild Park. The Guild was a nucleus where nature, art and community worked, for a short period of time. Surrounded by a *garden city, the Clarks intention was to recreate a community that was disappearing as a result of industrialization.

From stories of The Guild, Sam Sniderman and the native Chief Oronhyatekha – this experimental documentary short film creates a balance between architecture, knowledge and emotion.

No Mean City (2015) 14:31 IRL/CA
Narrator: Jeremy Waiser
Director of Photography: Luke McCutcheon
Music: Stephen Jones
Sound Design: Josh Kerekes
Directed, Produced and edited by Anne Maree Barry
© Anne Maree Barry, 2015
No Mean City was produced with the assistance of The Liaison of Independent Film Makers of Toronto, LIFT and Screen Training Ireland, Bursary Award.

* Garden City: Town of limited dimension, built within a rural framework and which aims at offering an alternative to the large cities and industrial suburbs – much open space and greenery. It was introduced by urban planner Ebenezer Howard in 1898 in his work titled: Tomorrow: A Peaceful Path to Real Reform.

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