Missing Green at Pallas Projects

Pallas Projects & Common Ground present

Anne Maree Barry—Missing Green

Thursday 19th June 2014
Screening & panel discussion 3.45–5.30pm
Preview 6–8pm

The exhibition, a collaborative initiative of Pallas Projects & Common Ground, will include a number of cross-encounter public events aimed at a diverse audience of artists, architects, curators, filmmakers, researchers, urban planners, sociologists, local community leaders, policy makers, human geographers and others, to witness the changes and discuss the impact, of planning and regeneration on the Cork Street area.

My interest in the history of the Coombe/Liberties area (where I previously lived) began in 2006 after attending a meeting concerning the St. Luke’s Conservation plan, organised by former Councillor John Gallagher. Cork Street and The Coombe area, which were once thriving industrial areas, had become an example of what is called the ‘doughnut effect’. This describes the physical form that cities take on during the decline of their historic centre, with the development of the outer ring leaving a hollow core at the centre. My previous film, Rialto Twirlers (2010), explored the majorette subculture in Dublin 8. Following this I then began to examine the social and psychological impact of urban voids and the process of regeneration, by combining research with an element of re-enactment/fiction.

Exhibition continues 12–6pm, Friday 20th  & Saturday 21st, Wednesday 25th–Friday 27th June 2014
Pallas Projects/Studios, 115–117 The Coombe, Dublin 8


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